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Primo premio call for score "Solo Clarinet", 2020

Ylang-Ylang for clarinet solo is aiming to seeking the trace and temperament of aroma through the sensory depiction of music.

This work contains three pieces.

I. Silence Aroma

Mainly the melody lines in the mid-low range, mixed with two-tone tremolo to create a fuzzy posture, and occasionally appear as a single jumping-tone into a certain high range, indicating the trace of aroma, and then the range tends to the high pitch, as a part of this local Climax to suggest the next piece.

II. Hazy Mellow

This part is mainly in the high range, using flexible and free melody lines and longerdurations, in an attempt to continue the aftermath of the music, creating a broader and stretched space and the enchanted of atmosphere.

III. Flying Enigma

The faster and lively passages capture a playful and cheerful image with the main sound of chasing and jumping.

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