Hsiung, Jen-Yueh

Jen Yueh HsiunDSC 3421 熊仁岳Jen-Yueh Hsiung was born in 1994, Taiwan Taipei city.

He is studying at the National Taiwan University of Arts, master major in Chinese flute(bamboo flute)by Wu-Gong Lu, minor piano by Yun-Ling Guo, studied violin by Yen-Kun Hsieh, studying composition and initiate by Professor Chien-Wen Cheng.
His work “Seeking Light” for orchestra was awarded Second prize of National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra Composition Competition (2018), Semi-finalists by Alexander Zemlinsky Prize for Composition 2019-2020 season.
“Fire Spell” for Cello solo was Nomination and selection of 【2020 Weiwuying TIFA -Contemporary Music Platform】Peter EÖTVÖS Master Class, “Fly fire” for Flute and Electronic was Nomination and selection of BEIJING-MUSICACOUSTICA2018, “Weave” double concerto for Dizi, Zheng and Chinese orchestra (2020) was commissioned by National Taiwan University of Arts.
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