Composer: Mazzeo, Carmen
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This collection of flexible ensembles is designed to young band students or small groups performance experience with a minimum of 8 /9 players. It advisable to make playing two musicians for each part. Director should indicate to students when it is better to play only one player. Bass line is optional and it can be played by one player (or more), between the following instruments as bass clarinet or bassoon.
Playing together helps young students to develop rhythmic independence, intonation stability and to focus attention on articulation, dynamics and good tone quality. The classical transcriptions reflect the original scores but it has been simplified to be played also according the capabilities of the average player. Pavane is a sweet and expressive melody accompanied by lightness and delicacy of the clarinets' staccato. The same melodic line is played by different instruments of the ensemble with style to value the role and function of all instruments.

Marsilio Fici on 04-09-2017 03:47 PM
Perché non fate una versione per un ensemble didattico più usuale?
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