Lane, Jonathan

Whilst I have made my career in Business and Finance, I have been a life-long singer and amateur composer, typically of unaccompanied choral works. After 4 years of music-making and listening in the late ‘70s, centred around University College, Oxford, I have continued to sing for a variety of choirs – symphonic to chamber. But for the last 27 years, the Joyful Company of Singers under the musical direction of Peter Broadbent, has been my main focus. I joined in 1991, just after it won the inaugural Sainsbury's Choir of the Year Competition. This was for an amazing trip to St. Petersburg and I have since sung in concerts and toured with the JCS in dozens of festivals and competitions all over Europe and to the US, including winning the Llangollen Choir of the World Competition, and many trips to Italy including visits to the wonderful Arezzo Choral Festival.

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